Data-Informed Web Design

Data Informed Websites Generate Results From Day 1

Data Informed Design Puts Your Users First

We understand the science of persuasion, and we analyse your visitor’s motivations, the user experience and even the competition before we even think about creative design. That allows us to create authentic user-focused websites that both look spectacular and deliver results.

Ideal For Those Who Want Results From A Website Redesign

At Finetune, our data-informed web design process helps eliminate the risk that comes from a new website. Because it’s built using the tendencies of your actual customers, your new website will convert better from the first moment.

Step 1Set Ambitious Goals

Our first step is to understand your business goals. Do you want to increase your market share? Are you looking to reach a revenue target? Generate a certain number of leads per month? Once we identify your primary and secondary goals, our team then dives into your visitor data and competition.

We use tracking software, analytics, and user research to identify your customer types, their motivations, fears and what steps they should take to achieve your goals.

Step 2Shape The User Experience

Our team uses the results of our research to build a wireframe outline of your new website. The layout, structure and messaging are calibrated to drive your visitors to take the actions necessary to accomplish your goals.

Two core objectives drive each step of our design process: delight your users and exceed your targets.

Step 3Launch and Learn

The launch of a new website is always a thrilling moment, but it’s really just the beginning. Your data-informed website will have analytics dashboards deployed from day one to allow you to measure its success accurately. And we’re always on hand for further support,  of the new site, and we can analyse visitor behaviours to ensure the site is performing as it should.

Find Out How Data Informed Design Can Increase Results For You

Our Data-Informed Design process is for those who want a site to look great but also deliver results. We put your users first and match that experience to your goals, to produce a website that generates significant measurable results.

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