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We use the latest tools and methodologies to identify where and why your site is losing potential customers. We then provide you with an actionable step by step plan to generate dramatic results. We can even help you implement the recommendations or you can provide the plan to your in-house team or even to your agency to execute.

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What You Get

Analytics and User Research

We'll discuss your business goals and identify the specific conversion goals that drive your business. Then we’ll set up the tools to collect the right data and track it.

Our research strategies include:

Google Analytics audit and configuration, including custom dashboards.

Integration of new tools for analysing user behavior on-page.

Heatmap to see which elements and messages are successfully capturing your visitors’ attention.

Clickmap to see where they’re clicking...and where they’re not.

Scrollmap to analyse content they’re spending the most time digesting and what they’re skipping.

User session recording for detailed analysis of the complete user experience.

On-page exit surveys on key pages to discover what is driving users away.

Usability testing to identify points of friction that need to be eliminated or smoothed over.

Website analysis against all major conversion frameworks

Competitive analysis to assess strengths and identify opportunities within your market.

Customised Action Plan

At the end of our analysis, we’ll review all the details of our findings with you and provide a full report of our findings as well as a step by step plan to improve results.

Your report includes:

Suggested content additions or subtractions.

Detailed improvements to the website flow

Alternative button placement or text to increase click rates

Copy modifications to keep visitors reading or nudge them toward conversion

Steps to increase confidence and eliminate fears and doubts

Changes to your main offer to drive increased engagement

Clear plans for implementation of each recommendation

Expected improvement metrics for reach suggested change

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After the review, we’re available to help you implement any of the recommendations. We’ll work out an affordable plan to execute the initial modifications and ongoing optimisation.

But you don’t have to commit to anything beyond the strategy and it's yours to keep on any case.

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